H21 Connect Launches Exclusive BETA Membership for Freelancers

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Hospitality21 is THRILLED to announce the official BETA launch of it’s platform, H21Connect.com, today. We have tirelessly worked on the aesthetics and functionality of the platform with abated excitement to share with others within the industry.

The ultimate goal of this website is to create a secure forum where brands and freelance professionals from a variety of fields can join together to create some of the most dynamic press and marketing content experienced in the 21st century. Creating an atmosphere of autonomy for each the brand and freelancer, H21 Connect hopes to see strong communication with new structured standards flowing daily to create dream partnerships.

This is merely the initial step in a very glamorous prospect for H21 Connect. We look forward to building on partnerships with PR Newswire and PLUOT Video Conferencing amongst others. If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a partnership with H21 Connect, please contact us at info@h21connect.com.

Although the current membership is only available to invited participants, the official launch is pending for late summer 2017. We look forward to welcoming countless freelancers and brand representatives into our community.