The Blogger Dress-Code

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Unlike other industries where there is an understood dress code blogging, journalism, photography, and other content creating runs the gamut from black tie to bikini tops, depending on the venue and outlet. Although there is no one set of rules on how to present yourself, we have pulled together a list of suggested pointers to help you stay comfortably functional, while presenting yourself as a professional freelancer and blogger.

  1. Be well-groomed. Cleanliness is important no matter what industry you are creating content for. You may also be interacting with high-profile individuals within the brand who will remember appearances before anything else. Present yourself fresh from the shower, wearing spotless and wrinkle-free attire. Ensure your hair is pulled away from your face and your nails are clean. Do wear deodorant but don’t douse yourself in cologne/perfume. 
  2. Dress up rather than down or, in other words, err on the side of conservatism. Unless the experience will require you to crawl through small spaces, dingy holes, or mud riding, it is best to opt for more business-casual attire. Men should opt for a button-down shirt, while women should wear dress pants and blouse, dress, or similar. If the experience or venue is more casual, such as a walking tour in the heat of summer, you can take it down a notch by choosing a well-pressed shirt or top paired with pants or jeans (without holes!) or a mid-length skirt. 
  3. Mimic their style. Especially if you are presenting the brand through media, you want to be sure to represent their sense of style to your audience. No, that doesn’t mean wearing the staff uniform, however embrace the focus of their brand efforts. If they are a bohemian brand seeking similar consumers, embrace that in your style and media. If they are white-tie formal, be sure to bring the proper props to represent the formality. If you are in a more conservative setting, adhere to local customs out of respect.
  4. When it comes to colors, designs and accessories less is more for the average content creator. However, a fashion and style blogger should absolutely pull out the flare! Do try to leave the message tees at home; footwear should be comfortable for exploring the experience(s) and baseball, western and similar hats should be removed at the door.
  5. Represent your brand! Although these points should be adhered to as best as possible,  don’t forget that you are representing your brand too! How do you want people to remember you AND YOUR BRAND? In dirty sneakers, dingy t-shirt, and hole-filled jeans? Or pulled together, organized and professional? If the venue or experience is laid-back and casual, don’t hesitate to step up your personal presentation to make a lasting impact.

What has been your experience in dressing to impress in this freelance and blogger industry?

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